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Quick PC provides a multitude of computer services, all of which are available at our normal hourly rate. Even if you don’t know what you need, give us a call for a free consultation; we will gladly lead you in the right direction.

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Hourly Service

Any service - whenever you need it.

Anything related to computers that you do not see mentioned here is based on our hourly rate. This includes, but is not limited to, printers, scanners, fax, cable management, new PC set-up, data transfer, phone sync, etc. Call today for a free quote!

Computer Clean up

Turn your computer into a Quick PC!

    Your computer is capable of a lot more; that is why we go above and beyond removing virus and deleting cookies. Quick PC offers a complete computer clean up and optimization so you can get your productivity back. We will make your computer run faster than the day you bought it. ...

IT Services

Let us be your IT staff for your business

Need an IT staff for your business but can't fit it in your budget? We can be your on-site IT Support whenever you need us! We can help you with many business technologies including E-mail, networking, tech support, repair, and more! Our rates are very competitive and you only pay when you need us!

PC Troubleshooting

Let us diagnose it for you.

Not sure what the issue is? Let us figure it out for you. Most issues are diagnosed within 30 minutes. We let you know the status of your computer and the best way to take care of it (even if that means replacing it).

Computer Repair

Get you PC fixed!

Once the problem is identified, we let you know the repair options and costs. We then follow through with the repair from start to finish. We order any necessary parts, backup data, and complete the job within the estimated time frame. We also tell you if, and how the issue can be prevented in the future.


Mail, Calendar, Contacts, etc...

Quick PC offers E-Mail set-up and configuration in Outlook, Outlook Express, Mac Mail, IPhones, IPads, Blackberries, and other devices. We can help you create a personal address for free, or sign up for a custom E-Mail address for your business. We also provide troubleshooting, clean up, and archiving as well.


Learn to use your computer!

Still can’t get the hang of that magical box? We offer one-on-one lessons at your home at our normal hourly rate. Learn the basics of the internet, E-Mail, Microsoft Office, editing picture, and more! If you really want to get a headache, we have advanced lessons including, but not limited to, creating and managing websites, removing viruses, building your own ...

Data Recovery

Hard drive crashed?

Your computer crashes and doesn’t turn back on. Now what? Did you back up your data? You may have lost everything! Step 1 is to turn off the machine to prevent any further damage, then call us. We have a range of data recovery options and will work with you to get your computer back up and running as fast ...

Data Backup

Safe, Secure, Automatic.

Get backed up today with one of Quick PC's backup options and avoid the high price of data recovery services! A simple one hour house call is all it takes to prevent a loss of your life's work. For your convenience, we offer three different backup options detailed below. Call Quick PC to set one up today and have a ...

Virus Removal

Guaranteed removal!

Viruses and mal-ware are the leading cause of problems for PCs. They cause pop-ups, spam, slow performance, and complete crashes. New viruses come out daily and are more complex than ever. They can disable your anti-virus and pose as legitimate programs; then steal your personal information, passwords, and internet history. Call us for a free estimate on virus removal.

Wireless Networking

Go wireless!

Looking to set up a computer in another room but don’t want to run a cable? Want to use your laptop in the kitchen or living room? Want to set up a wireless printer in another room? We take the confusion out of wireless for you. We will survey the home, recommend the proper equipment, install it, and connect all ...

Website Design

Get a website for your business

If your business is not on the net you may be losing customers. We can help you create a website that fits your brand, looks sleek and elegant, and is easy to work on. Contact us for more information. Click Here to see our gallery of websites we have made for clients.