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Custom Office Computer

Processor: Intel i3 – 3.9 GHz Dual-Core 7th Generation
Cooling: Intel Heat Sink & Fan
RAM: 8 GB DDR4 2133
Storage: 250 GB Solid State Drive
Video: Intel HD Graphics 630
OS: Windows 10 Home 64 bit
Keyboard: Microsoft Desktop 400
Mouse: Microsoft Desktop 400
Warranty: 3 Years Limited Parts
Features: USB 3.0


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Reccomended for:
Basic users, Home & Office, Business, Professionals

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QPC Copper is the perfect machine for basic users and small businesses. It is powered by Intel’s 7th generation 3.9 GHz i3 dual-core processor, 8 GB of DDR4 RAM, and a blazing fast solid state drive. All of this power is contained in sleek case that will fit perfectly just about anywhere.

The Quick PC Copper was created for the price conscious PC user. It is perfect for those who want quality and power at an affordable price. This machine is completely upgradeable and comes with a 3 year limited parts warranty.



All Custom Built Computers feature the following:

Hand Built
All PCs are not created equal; Quick PC selects only the best parts which have a proven track record for reliability, power, and efficiency. This ensures a longer life span of the PC as a whole, and the reliability of name brand parts.

Excellent balance of power and affordability.
These computers strike a perfect balance of power and affordability. They will never let you down, nor will they break the bank.

All of our computers are made with upgrades in mind. With room for more RAM, hard drive space, CD drives, and a better video card, your custom computer will be future-proof!

Free Consultation
We help you choose the right computer, and customize it for your specific uses.

80+ Efficient Power Supply
All custom PCs are built with certified power supplies that deliver more than 80% efficiency. This means less heat, and more money saved on your electricity bill.

Optimized Operating System
Quick PCs come with a clean and optimized installation of Windows; there are no unnecessary programs installed, no useless services running, and no advertisements for any products! Care is taken to optimize the settings for maximum performance and productivity .

3 Year Limited Warranty
All Quick PC custom built computers come with a limited 3 year warranty on parts and labor (data loss is not covered). Buy the computer that comes with the technician around the corner! No more need to spend hours on the phone with tech support from India; just call Quick PC and we will be there within 48 hrs! We stock most spare parts as well as loaner computers to minimize your down time!

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  • What our customers are saying

    We finally had to replace our old computer, and chose the Quick PC Silver model as a replacement.  We are extremely happy with the performance of the computer and the quick service we received.  The company’s name describes it well!  It is a great comfort knowing that whenever we have a question or a problem, we can get it resolved quickly without having to lug the computer out of the house!

    NS 08/18/12

    My friend used Mike from Quick PC to repair her computer, and highly recommended him to my husband and me when we needed help with ours.  We use it for my husband's business, so time is always of the essence. Mike came to our home the same day, and he quickly resolved the issue.  He has always responded quickly when I had any issue or questions.  He is extremely friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable.

    NS 08/18/12