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Computer Builds, Repairs & Services Gallery

This gallery contains web sites, custom built computers, and computer repairs all done by Quick PC.

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Asus Ultrabook

Whether you are a power user, or a user on the go, an Ultrabook is the way to go.  

Gaming Computer

A custom built gaming machine with blue LED lighting (not seen here unfortunately).

Move Books Publishing Website

Move Books is a local publisher focusing on middle-grade books for boys. They hope to move boys to read for the long term – one reader at a time. You can visit their website at

Quick PC Copper Computer

The best selling Copper PC is used by over 40 customers in Connecticut! This machine will handle all of your day to day needs without breaking a sweat!      

SFF mid-range PC

This little computer is another tiny powerhouse, brought to you by Quick PC! It features an i5 processor with aftermarket cooling. It is about a third of the size of a regular desktop!  

Raffle Computer

Custom mid-range PC with a speedy Solid State Drive, and good looks to boot!      

Ultrabook Screen Replacement

We can replace just about any laptop screen. Please call us with your brand name and model number for a quote!  

MacBook Overhaul

This laptop has seen better days. Quick PC brought it back to life. With a complete dis-assembly, dust clean up, and power jack replacement this machine was up and running in no time!  

Quick PC Website

The website you are currently visiting! What do you think?

Quick PC Silver Computer

The Quick PC Silver computer is built to very high standards. We use brand name parts and aftermarket cooling to create this fast, efficient computer.  

Project Hell Cow Website

This website was created for Mike’s Band. They document their musical shenanigans in a series of YouTube videos. Warning: Explicit Language!

Quick PC Gold Computer

This PC was built for a local business as the main machine for their management software.    

Top Line Roofing Website

Top Line Roofing LLC needed a great website, and they knew exactly who they wanted to create it for them; Quick PC!   To have a successful business of any kind requires you to have a web presence. That’s why Top Line Roofing LLC chose Quick PC to design, update, and maintain their website, […]

The 4 Inch Computer

This TINY 4″ x 4″ computer is faster than the computer under your desk!          

Small Form Factor PC

A small form factor (SFF) computer is just that; a full power computer, in a small package. Quick PC has built 4 of these for a business customer that needed a full power computer, but didn’t have the space for massive computers sitting under the desk. These computers are compact enough to fit comfortably on […]

iPhone Back Replacement

Dropped your phone? Quick PC can repair most versions of the iPhone, iPod, and iPad as well as other mobile devices!    

Quick PC Platinum Computer

Mike’s personal computer and workhorse, this machine constantly gets updated to keep up with ever changing technology. Click here to see an ongoing build gallery of this Extreme PC.    

Custom Gaming Build

A custom computer built for gaming. This computer features RAID – combining multiple hard drives to increase performance.  

Quick PC Old Website

The first incarnation of Quick PC!

Laptop Screen and Hinge Replacement

A broken laptop screen doesn’t mean a broken laptop. Quick PC can replace the screen and repair any hinge damage too!